Zeke drove Spitfire’s (our neighbor’s 5 year old daughter) pink jeep around while she  “falls” out, reaching her hands out to him while she yearningly calls, “Zeke, save me!” After her last “fall” Zeke turned off the car and huffed over to her…

Zeke: “WHY do you keep falling out? It’s not even that fast. All you have to do is HOLD on! You are ruining our game!”

Spitfire (after brushing off her purple tutu): “WELL, ZEKE, I am having fun and this is my car and MY game!”

Zeke: “What kind of game is this?!?!”

Spitfire: “The one where you save me because you love me!!!!!!”

Zeke: “That is ridiculous and not a game you should play in a car.”


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