Pinterest is Making Me Weird(er)

What I want to eat right now is a chocolate chip cookie slathered with cream cheese icing, dipped in milk, with a red velvet cupcake chaser. Instead, I’m over here noshing on a handful of grapes with a big ol glass of water. As far as diets go, giving up cupcakes was me at my […]

“I Want My Momma To Give Me a Sticker!!”

Everyday Connor comes up with a new thing to holler at naptime. Today his random, bitter tirade is “I want my momma to give me a sticker!!” Anyway, while Zeke plays outside, Amelia sweetly slumbers, and Connor howls himself to sleep, I would like to share a sort of meandering stream of consciousness that is […]

More Poop Than Giggles

I am so sorry to my tens of readers for not posting in a while.  We have been dealing with a lot more poop than giggles lately. No, seriously. Amelia has been pooping around the clock for 11 days now.  Here is a look at the last 11 days (in addition to everything else everyday […]