BYOB at Thirty

Here we are. Thirty. With three kiddos. BYOB means something completely different for us now. For us it means Bring Your Own Bun. We have been Gluten Free for about four weeks now. Not because we are trendy. But because we have Connor Bear.  Turns out, he may not actually be a bear when he […]

Hulk Need New Dishwasher

Apparently I have become freakishly strong. I don’t know when it happened.  But I have the upper body strength of a Russian weightlifter.  It is just hard to tell because it is carefully concealed within the undefined bulk of “mom arms”.  You may think you are witnessing the ebb and flow of flab as I […]

The Flu ‘n’ Stuff

Sorry for the hiatus.  We have been all kinds of busy here.  We hosted Christmas, then I hosted the flu. This year we have caught every sickness that has gone around and have gotten super sick. In fact, if there is even a remote possibility that the Zombie Apocalypse is a real thing, my family […]