Hello world/8 friends and family!

Holy Moly, I’m doing this!

First blog post feels like it should be a welcome and introduction.  So, hey! I’m Amber, I enjoy dancing, the theatre, fine dining, and long walks on the beach…HA! I might enjoy those things, but there is not enough time, money, energy, or willing babysitters.  This blog is about family, specifically our family. This will probably be more cathartic for me than it is for you. But, I truly hope as you read our stories, you will smile and think, “Oh, thank goodness!  My children are normal!”

That is my hope.

More likely you will walk away adding us to your prayer list.



P.S. Sweet Facebook friends, I am archiving some older stories that you may have already seen. Sorry, I should finish that tomorrow and I will post on fb when I have a new blog post.


5 thoughts on “Hello world/8 friends and family!

  1. I’m still hoping to meet a “normal” child.
    20+ years and I haven’t seen one yet, They may be a myth like the Lock Ness Monster or Sasquatch.

  2. yay!!!!! I am so glad you have a blog now!!! I really, really, really enjoy all of your posts!!! You are hilarious!!! And yes, I am glad you are sharing your kiddo stories, makes me think about what to come. Proud of you girl!

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