I’ve made a total bloggery of myself

“Poops and giggles”.  What was I thinking?!?! Here is what I was thinking: Hmmm… probably four people will read my blog and all four of them are related to me.  I was not thinking I would be hailed in church or in the grocery store with, “Hey, POOPS AND GIGGLES!” Today that greeting was followed […]

You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow!

Red Velvet fat free yogurt. This is an OUTRAGE and obviously politically fueled.  I’ll tell you what is going on, the yogurt companies are looking at woman indulging in luscious desserts even when not pregnant, and are trying to FORCE us to Heidi Klum that baby weight away. Oh sure, they candy coat it saying they […]

Don Juan at the pediatrician’s office

I called the pediatrician’s office today to set up Amelia’s 4 month well check.  This reminded me of our trip to the Dr.’s office right after Amelia was born, and that situation seems oh so blog worthy. We were sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of other moms and their sickly offspring. We […]

The reason our home smelled like feet for 36 hours

During the wee hours of Saturday morning, our Texas town lost power and for about 36 hours we were given some water precautions.  Boil it, probably shouldn’t bathe in it, and for the love of your family DON’T DRINK IT. Everything turned out to be fine. Well, everything but my brain, our budget, and a […]

I could’ve been a rocket scientist…

But then we started having babies. Now all of my grey matter belongs to these tiny humans. Rapid fire of questions from Zeke this morning: “Mom, if all the people in the world were in our house, we couldn’t breath, and we wouldn’t have any squirrels, right?” (What does that even mean?!?!) “Where do squirrels […]

Welp, we went to the Walmarts today

The boys are playing at a friend’s house today, so Amelia and I made a trip to Walmart.  I hadn’t been to Walmart in over a year (roughly the same time I discovered “the people of Walmart” and feared we would be featured weekly). But today I decided it was time to check out those […]

Wait for it…

Zeke came in the house, filthy… Me: “Zeke, what in the world is on your back?”Zeke: “I don’t know. What does it look like?”Me: “Um well, it looks like dirt and slime.”Zeke: “Hmmm…dirt and slime… I really don’t know.”Me: “Well, what have you been doing?”Zeke: “Just being a turtle outside.”Me: “How were you being a […]