I need to mask you a question

Are you angry? Outraged? Looking for a well read advocate who is just as pissed off as you about everything going on in the world and ready to give a treatise and a rallying point for you to clutch as if it were your very beloved toddler standing on a cliff that is crumbling around […]

Ninja Track Meet

First, you should know I’ve been caught between a laugh and a cry since 10:15 this morning and giggles and tears are rolling as I type, so forgive my mind’s wanderings-better yet, enjoy them with me. Our firstborn child went to his first ever track meet, ran the very first race and finished in first […]

Honesty in Advertising

I am a very rational, conscientious shopper when I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. Basically I have not shopped smart since the Bush Administration. But it’s ok because I am part of an online resale group. I have been able to recoup some compensation for my poor choices. this has been a humbling experience, especially […]


Today’s post starts with a prayer, which is ironic, given it was the absence of prayer that brought about this post. My prayer as I write is that He will be glorified in this flawed human’s account. My baby has RSV. This may not sound too bad to some, but I have seen what it […]

Cellulitis; A Love Story

Yowsers. So much to share since last post. We are moving. It’s just something we like to do when I am in my last trimester. I think it’s probably because I am so sweet and gentle and never complain. I am also very organized, but not demanding, and really make the experience special for everyone. […]

The Day Everything Changed

I’d like to share a story with you and then I’d like to ask you to take another step. I went to Trinity Christian School until high school. Then I begged my parents to let me go to public school. Reluctantly, they allowed their sheltered child to attend Coronado High School. It was a culture […]