It’s not you. It’s me.

Welp, I quit facebook. I had to. I was becoming too involved and invested in the lives of so many incredible people I had never met in real life, and at some point my love and care for people stopped being centered in Christ. I stopped prayerfully petitioning for answers and words of comfort for hurting hearts. I stopped asking Him for direction, stopped seeking ways I could love as He loves. Instead, I was offering MY advice on everything, giving MY perspective on deeply personal situations. And with every “like” or agreement at MY words my human heart would swell with pride. It was such a gentle slip from grace toward pride. autonomy. yuck. Until it became glaring. I craved to know more. Needed to meddle. Felt righteous in my anger and frustration over situations that were never mine to know. I was bitter and distracted. Suddenly, everything seemed too negative and I realized it was me. And while I was “investing” in so many lives in the virtual world, I was neglecting the precious people God has entrusted to my care.

I am sorry. I failed you all. Please know when I fail you, when I have no patience, when I am unkind, and when I am too bold that these are reflections of my humanity, not my Christianity. I am sorry I allowed pride to distort love.

So, I have unplugged. And am finding my way back to the heart of worship as I pray for people when my mind wanders toward wondering about them. (And I am enjoying hanging out with my family and taking pics without feeling the need to immediately upload. I think they like it better, too.)

A few friends have asked what will happen to my blog, now that I am not announcing new posts on facebook. I do not know. I think there is a way to sign up for email notifications of new posts..? Or maybe I will devote all of my extra time to writing that book I’m always talking about. Extra time…haha. Look for it in bookstores Christmas of 2043. Or in holograms..of bookstores.

Cuz, there is a lot happening up in here and I don’t wanna miss a thing.

Stuff like:

IMG_0710        IMG_1515






Shopping with my lil’ ladies.




Dating my handsome firefighter.



IMG_1554      IMG_1552

Learning to shoot and embracing my inherent bend toward fanciness.




Welcoming gnome new friends/creating awesome puns/explaining the word “pun” to a very literal eight year old.



Being hypnotized.




Trying avocado!



IMG_1401      IMG_1399

Putting Avocado in breakfast muffins. And seeing everyone’s reaction.


IMG_1280     IMG_1381    IMG_1379   and getting good and dirty with my boys.


P.S. IAP ladies, I am so thankful for each of you. Thank you for walking through so much and sharing life with me. I think of y’all often and I miss you already.




28 thoughts on “It’s not you. It’s me.

  1. I will miss seeing you through facebook! But I get your blog emailed to me! I hope you still update that! I am glad you chose to do what’s right for you! Maybe you’ll come back sometime! We all miss you in IAP. We love you! ❤

  2. Well, perhaps it had to do with me not being on fb for a while due to road tripping…. I hadn’t noticed. However, I do get your blog post via feedly, so I know not from fb when you post. Yes, folks can sign up for email updates.

    I took a fb hiatus a while back… a month and a half of no fb. I needed to see. I think I’ll start doing this once or twice a year, like a cleansing or detox. I should do this with coffee, too, I think, but I’m not ready for that yet.

    And I suspect you will find that you really aren’t missing much from fb. 😛

  3. Thank you! You’re right on about Facebook, me too! You just write it the way I would never ever had been able to speak it. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

  4. Well I miss your face terribly! I completely understand though. I will be stalking your blog from now on though 🙂

  5. I miss you too 🙂 but I’ll check in here periodically to get my Amber-fix. And if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’m “totes” looking you up.

    • Muahahaha! My plan worked! I now have my Canadian friend’s email addy!! Thank you for your consistency and practical advice throughout our pregnancies. Thank you for your humor and for your friendship. I really want to keep up with your next adventures 😉
      Yes! Come to Texas!

  6. Your ability to disconnect in order to reconnect is fresh and honest. I’ve had to do that a few times myself. I know your children are greatly loving your presence, the total whole presence of you! Love and hugs!- LN D

    • Thank you, Ellen. And thank you so much for commenting because now I have your email address! You have such a beautiful family and I cannot get over how joy filled and amazed your husband looks in pics that he gets to be the man with his arm around you for life. You are awesome, LND

  7. I’m glad you are well and focusing on Christ and family! You had the IAP girls all worried. 😁 we all kinda love ya and think you’re the funniest/interesting/sweetest girl! Take care sweet amber! Enjoy that family! I totally respect your decision and I have taken a few breaks myself. Keep on blogging though, or else 😜 ❤️, sarah dayley sharon your virtual friend for life! Ps. The hypnotized pic 😂

    • Well I kinda love y’all too and miss you all! I am going to miss all the pics of your kiddos. That Aldon’s smile could light up the world. Blessings to you and your precious family.

  8. Thank you so much for being a part of my life through out my pregnancy. I sure will miss your love and Whit and charm and beautiful pictures. This opened my eyes though to how much I am missing out on. I look on here so many times a day. It’s part of my life. I don’t think I could ever fully give it up. But, just today as I was snuggling Alexa on the couch while on vaca she said,” mom, no phone right now ok?” So I put my phone aside and just took in the moment. Thank you Amber for being a part of my life and hopefully someday we can reconnect. I hope there is love and peace in your life and many more beautiful children!! Now go ahead and write that book!! I look forward to
    Finding it in a book store ;)))

    • Sweet Rachel, thank you for your words and for sharing your heart. You are an amazing woman and such a great mom. I am thankful we had the opportunity to “meet” and thankful for all of your advice as we shared our pregnancy pregnancy/life journeys 🙂
      And, now that you have commented, I have your email!

  9. Hi Amber,
    Are you gonna get back on fb or are you totally deleting your acct? I sorta kinda miss you, and I sorta kinda wanted to ask you some Qs about surgery. I think I have your # from way back, I might text you- if that’s okay with you?! It’s funny I’ve thought about deactivating mine so MANY times.

    Your friend,

  10. Ah Amber…I’m totally missing your fb updates!! I hope you and your family are keeping well. I look forward to any new blog enteries. Take care lovely. Love your UK friend. 🙂

  11. Hey, good on you for unplugging, your family is gorgeous 🙂 Enjoy every second 🙂 Will miss the IAP posts but i`ll survive, lol, gonna look into signing up for your blog now…

  12. Amber oh how i miss your posts and your presence but i respect your decision completely. Hopefully I’ll get updates on the blog so i can say hi from time to time . God bless you and your family

  13. Amber, I miss you too, and I haven’t been on FB much lately either. I share your faith and perspective about investing in virtual lives vs real lives. Don’t you dare miss a moment in those little Parkletts lives! Kids know when we are distracted. I’ll subscribe to your blog for when you do update. And I’m totally rooting for you to become blessed with a 5th! 😉

  14. AHHA! I have been looking for your blog for weeks! I had subbed on FB but when you unplugged I couldn’t find it. I hope you and the babes and the FF are all well and that recovery is good. Miss your sweet comments and silly stories. So I’ll be stalking you all on here for now. xx

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