Welp, we went to the Walmarts today

The boys are playing at a friend’s house today, so Amelia and I made a trip to Walmart.  I hadn’t been to Walmart in over a year (roughly the same time I discovered “the people of Walmart” and feared we would be featured weekly). But today I decided it was time to check out those lower prices once again.

Sidebar: Normally, I am a Target girl, so much so that if Target were a band, I would follow them making home-made soap and  burlap purses. Buuuuut Target’s gift card gimmick is no longer keeping up with our diaper use.  With a toddler and an infant we go through, roughly, 873 diapers a day.

So for this event, she and I put on our nicest church clothes, Amelia wore a bow and I put on deodorant.  We were wandering along, price comparing, when Amelia did something that belied her sweet feminity. I was holding her when the oozing started. Once we reached the bathroom I made the awesome discovery that I had only packed her big brother’s diapers in her bag…

So now, (due to the poop everywhere), I am no longer wearing my cute shirt, I just have on the nursing tank top I was wearing underneath, aaaaand my pretty baby girl is wearing only a GIANT diaper ,because none of her cute outfits (that I had managed to pack in her bag) would fit over the GIANT diaper.

We looked awesome exiting the building.

P.S. the diapers were cheaper and the cashier sweetly gave me a bunch of sacks to put our smelly pretty clothes in, saying, “it happens all the time” as she uploaded our picture to the website (just kidding, I think)


4 thoughts on “Welp, we went to the Walmarts today

  1. Oh dear, what a day! When Ellie was little, we were at Rosa’s and she was sitting in one of those wooden booster chairs. As we were eating, we began to smell the poop. I lifted her out of the chair and realized the poop had erupted up the back of her diaper, down onto the seat of the wooden chair, and onto the floor. I changed her in the bathroom and I swear, there was barely a speck of poop in her diaper! Just think, one day, you will get to share your Target story with another young mom who has just experienced a poop explosion in public.

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