What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Again

So, here I am, pregnant again for the billionth time and like any neurotic, er, I mean, normal type lady human I find myself interested in all the weird things happening in and to my body, and I like to follow the progress of our lil punkin from cells to fully formed miracle. Here’s the […]


Adventures in Being an Introvert

I have mentioned before that I am an introvert. And someday I might write a poignant post all about the angst, the depth, and the beauty of introverted people. But not today. Today let’s just bask in the awkwardness, shall we? Situation 1: I have a friend (that is noteworthy for an introvert) who is […]

That Duck Dynasty Thing…

Ha! Yeah right. I’m not going there. Not cuz i don’t have opinions on the whole debacle, but cuz I am way more self absorbed right now and it’s my blog and I’ll cry/laugh/snarl if I want to. And right now, I’m still pregnant which for me trumps any debate, even when it is stirred […]

No Country For Pregnant Women

Sorry for my blogging absence. We moved (!!) and I’m enormous so it takes twice as long to get things done ‘round here (we moved out to the country, so I am learnin’ the language. Did you know you’re supposed to say “supper” rather than “dinner”??) I thought I would write some vignettes of what’s […]