I’m a Puddle Right Now

Today I dropped Zeke off at school for the first time, ever. Yes he is a first grader, but every day of Kindergarten I parked the car as close to the school as humanly possible (still about a block or two away), unloaded babies from car seats, loaded them in the double stroller and walked […]

I’ve made a total bloggery of myself

“Poops and giggles”.  What was I thinking?!?! Here is what I was thinking: Hmmm… probably four people will read my blog and all four of them are related to me.  I was not thinking I would be hailed in church or in the grocery store with, “Hey, POOPS AND GIGGLES!” Today that greeting was followed […]

I could’ve been a rocket scientist…

But then we started having babies. Now all of my grey matter belongs to these tiny humans. Rapid fire of questions from Zeke this morning: “Mom, if all the people in the world were in our house, we couldn’t breath, and we wouldn’t have any squirrels, right?” (What does that even mean?!?!) “Where do squirrels […]