I need to mask you a question

Are you angry? Outraged? Looking for a well read advocate who is just as pissed off as you about everything going on in the world and ready to give a treatise and a rallying point for you to clutch as if it were your very beloved toddler standing on a cliff that is crumbling around […]

So, Same Time Next Week?

The firefighter and I volunteered to teach Sunday School to our four year old and his class this year. I think we have done a pretty good job. Tried to come up with activities that fit the lesson and really bonded with these kiddos. …well… Maybe we have become too comfortable. The firefighter and our […]

Friday the 13th/Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to the firefighter.   Friday evening the firefighter called to me to join him outside. He was so excited to share something. I rushed out to find him gazing at the moon rising. The moon was gianormous and red. Blood red. We could hear a pack […]

When the Thought Doesn’t Count

This morning I called the firefighter. There was a dang tractor rolling all up and down our land. I was wondering if I needed to go out there in my pjs, with Eva Tennessee on my hip, brandishing a rifle, hollering at him “You best git offa my land or we kin both see what […]

“Hi. My name is Amber and I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

Our closest neighbor just told me about a suspicious vehicle driving around his property. During the course of our conversation he casually mentioned that someone had attempted to break into his home last week. Because I am a super laid back, non-worrying-type human he and I continued to shoot the breeze and swap recipes and […]

No Country For Pregnant Women

Sorry for my blogging absence. We moved (!!) and I’m enormous so it takes twice as long to get things done ‘round here (we moved out to the country, so I am learnin’ the language. Did you know you’re supposed to say “supper” rather than “dinner”??) I thought I would write some vignettes of what’s […]

I Really Moustache You a Question

‘Member Movember? Well, the firefighter grew a ‘stache for the occasion and decided to  keep it. You know when something new enters your world and you begin to notice it everywhere? I had never really paid attention to the number of men sporting so many different styles of facial hair. If only the story ended […]

BYOB at Thirty

Here we are. Thirty. With three kiddos. BYOB means something completely different for us now. For us it means Bring Your Own Bun. We have been Gluten Free for about four weeks now. Not because we are trendy. But because we have Connor Bear.  Turns out, he may not actually be a bear when he […]

Pinterest is Making Me Weird(er)

What I want to eat right now is a chocolate chip cookie slathered with cream cheese icing, dipped in milk, with a red velvet cupcake chaser. Instead, I’m over here noshing on a handful of grapes with a big ol glass of water. As far as diets go, giving up cupcakes was me at my […]

“I Want My Momma To Give Me a Sticker!!”

Everyday Connor comes up with a new thing to holler at naptime. Today his random, bitter tirade is “I want my momma to give me a sticker!!” Anyway, while Zeke plays outside, Amelia sweetly slumbers, and Connor howls himself to sleep, I would like to share a sort of meandering stream of consciousness that is […]