The reason our home smelled like feet for 36 hours

During the wee hours of Saturday morning, our Texas town lost power and for about 36 hours we were given some water precautions. ¬†Boil it, probably shouldn’t bathe in it, and for the love of your family DON’T DRINK IT. Everything turned out to be fine. Well, everything but my brain, our budget, and a […]

Wait for it…

Zeke came in the house, filthy… Me: “Zeke, what in the world is on your back?”Zeke: “I don’t know. What does it look like?”Me: “Um well, it looks like dirt and slime.”Zeke: “Hmmm…dirt and slime… I really don’t know.”Me: “Well, what have you been doing?”Zeke: “Just being a turtle outside.”Me: “How were you being a […]