Cellulitis; A Love Story

Yowsers. So much to share since last post. We are moving. It’s just something we like to do when I am in my last trimester. I think it’s probably because I am so sweet and gentle and never complain. I am also very organized, but not demanding, and really make the experience special for everyone. […]


The firefighter and I went on our second honeymoon. It. Was. AWESOME.  We went to the same resort where we had our honeymoon nearly eight years (and three kids) ago. We went through security without a hitch, which is mentionable because normally it is an issue because I had surgery several years ago for a […]

Second Honeymoon > Red Velvet Cupcakes

The firefighter and I are going on a vacation in the spring! In honor of that awesome upcoming event, I decided it is time to whip my body into shape. Although, really, I have lots of shapes everywhere on my body… Stretch marks and varicose veins making squiggly shapes all over my legs, a muffin […]