Party Planners, you are welcome.

We had campout sleepovers for our boys birthday parties this year. Our country home is surrounded by nature and no neighbors (well, of the human variety) and serves as a great venue for outdoor tomfoolery. There are some subtle differences between an 8 year old’s campout and a 4 year old’s. Food: Your average 8 […]

Hulk Need New Dishwasher

Apparently I have become freakishly strong. I don’t know when it happened.  But I have the upper body strength of a Russian weightlifter.  It is just hard to tell because it is carefully concealed within the undefined bulk of “mom arms”.  You may think you are witnessing the ebb and flow of flab as I […]

It’s not you. It’s me.

Welp, I quit facebook. I had to. I was becoming too involved and invested in the lives of so many incredible people I had never met in real life, and at some point my love and care for people stopped being centered in Christ. I stopped prayerfully petitioning for answers and words of comfort for […]

Friday the 13th/Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to the firefighter.   Friday evening the firefighter called to me to join him outside. He was so excited to share something. I rushed out to find him gazing at the moon rising. The moon was gianormous and red. Blood red. We could hear a pack […]