The Horror

So we are pregnant with baby number five. I realize this isn’t the cutest pregnancy announcement, but some people seem pretty over it: But, that bit of information is highly pertinent to today’s latest adventure. I say “today’s latest adventure” because everyday is FULL of adventures. Never take my blogging absence as a lack of […]

Thirsty Soul

Sometimes theology smacks me in the face.  Until recently, I hadn’t really considered how God specifically designed our need for human relationships as a reflection of his desired relationships with us.  I had, in my modern human-egocentric-individualistic way, thought He just referenced our relationships as a way of helping us understand vast and abstract concepts. […]

Please send chocolate

Saturday, January 3? Greetings, fellow humans, from the frozen tundra of cottonfieldland. I am writing these words as I gaze upon icy stalks of naked cotton plants, watching the whimsical dance of snowflakes as they meander toward the ground. What a lovely day to be snuggled in front of a warm fire, reading Tolkien and […]

A Kitchen Made Warm

Our family has always had the sweet pleasure of celebrating Thanksgivings hosted by family and friends. Every year I make my Grannie Annie’s macaroni recipe in someone else’s kitchen and watch with great wonder at the preparations of all the foods around me. This year the firefighter had to go in to work Thanksgiving evening […]

Doomsday and Halloween

So sorry to all my readers (mom) for my delay in posting this week. All my spare time went to obsessing reading about Ebola. Then I shame spiraled into doomsday prepping. Our pantry has expanded to include 50 pounds of rice, 25 pounds of beans, enough canned goods to feed a small army (our family), […]

Zombies and Mosquitos

I just realized today is the one year anniversary of us living in our country home. The mosquitos invited us to a banquet held in our honor. I RSVP’d our regrets but they are insisting that without us they would have no reason to celebrate. It might seem a really sweet gesture, but they ALWAYS […]


Our middle kiddos go to our church’s Parent’s Day Out program on Tuesdays and on Thursdays Eva T and I go so I can work in the nursery. Hear me, people: I have 6 hours every week with only my littlest baby. I get to go to Hobby Lobby without the fear of having to […]