Week 9 of What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Again

Week 9

How you are feeling: Awful.

This week your baby is no longer considered an “embryo” and is now referred to as a “fetus”. It is important to note that such terminology will mean nothing to your children who refer to the baby as “the reason mom is puking again” or “why mom looks so fat” and this little gem “her belly looks really really gross! Go see!!”

Ah, children.

Speaking of children, perhaps you have had an ultrasound and are sick of wearing blankets and carrying around empty boxes in an effort to hide your pregnancy from those you are closest with, so you look at the cherubic faces of your children and think, “Oh, we should get them matching t-shirts and photograph the most darling pregnancy announcement of all time!!”

You had this thought because pregnancy brain has already set in and you are now a dummy.

Scroll through to find out EXACTLY what it will look like:

“Y’all. Seriously? ANOTHER ONE???”

This guy.
So. Much. Joy.
“Look into my sad baby eyes. I hope my tears haunt your dreams, forever.”
“…soooo…I think we’re done here.”
Oh for the love…why are we still documenting this?
If you don’t look to hard at the girl’s tear-filled eyes, it’s almost…
Next year’s Christmas card?
We’re not finished till I say we are finished.
Ok. We’re finished.
Note: though evidence would suggest otherwise, no child was tortured in anyway other than being told there would be a new baby.

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