Hot, Sticky Sweet

Zeke’s had a great first day of school! He is “so super excited to go again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day…”(this went on for quite a while).

One tiny little thing: I may need to talk to his teacher about how literal he is.  Zeke sees the world without shades of gray.  For example, I walked up to him right after he came out the door and asked him if he was ready. He said, “Um mom, you aren’t supposed to be here.  You are supposed to pick me up at the flag pole (10 feet away). We didn’t get there yet. I should probably ask my teacher if I can go with you.” Luckily the teacher was ok with me picking up my kid so away we went.

When we got home, I opened Zeke’s backpack to start in on the mountain of paperwork that he brought home.  (Seriously, there is more paperwork to send a kid to Kindergarten than I have ever filled out to bring a brand new tiny human into the world). What I found was a soggy, sticky, sweet-smelling mess.


Nearly his entire juicebox had leaked out of his new lunch box and soaked everything in his new backpack.  This was not a manufacturer’s error.  This mischief came from hands capable of inserting a straw, but a mind incapable of filtering the subtle nuances of instructions. I asked him why o why did he put an open juicebox FULL of juice back in his lunch box?

He told me that during lunch he took a sip of his juicebox and decided he did not like it.  So when the teacher announced lunch was over and that they needed to put everything back in their lunchboxes, Zeke did exactly as he was told. Thus the now juice infused decoupage backpack.

I hope “the juicebox ate my homework” is a valid excuse for why I didn’t fill out the paperwork.


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