I’ve made a total bloggery of myself

“Poops and giggles”.  What was I thinking?!?!

Here is what I was thinking: Hmmm… probably four people will read my blog and all four of them are related to me.  I was not thinking I would be hailed in church or in the grocery store with, “Hey, POOPS AND GIGGLES!”

Today that greeting was followed by the woman’s friend saying, “Oooh, you’re Poops and Giggles! She just showed me your little blog today, I didn’t realize you wrote it!”

This brought Zeke back from his world to reality faster than the ice cream truck screeching down our street.  He shrieked, “DID SHE JUST CALL YOU POOP? CUZ THAT MAKES ME GIGGLE!!!!”

Here’s the thing, I am not the most socially adept person. My self-consciousness is compounded exponentially in a busy environment full of strangers, while I am wrangling my children and being referred to as “Poop” as loud as my goober first-born can announce it.

In my awkwardness, I said to this very sweet lady, “Well, please keep reading all of our POOP we are full of it and sharing POOP in a funny way is my one talent!!”

That’s right. I said it. Twice. My brain got stuck on the wrong word.  And that word was POOP.  Then my body put all of it’s considerable, mean-spirited energy (probably due to  the recent cupcake detox I initiated) into making my upper lip and armpits sweat, causing my face and neck to flush (no, not a delicate blush  of color in my cheeks, a splotchy vibrant hue caused by my allergy to embarrassment) and triggering my tongue to swell rendering me physically incapable of back tracking and correcting the silly mistake with a giggle like a normal human.

After a pause, the ladies started asking Zeke about some of the vignettes they had read, and he basked in the attention and expounded the virtues and eccentricities of Spitfire. I was truly awed (annoyed) by how easily he talked with them, though he really didn’t know either lady. He is so comfortable in his own skin and is rarely ever embarrassed, I hope that never changes.

I, on the other hand, spent the rest of that conversation mumbling lamely in the background: “…meant to say stories, not poop…”

I guess it is an aptly named blog.


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