Uh, Mom of the Year!

Zeke’s Batman costume has the cape and mask as one piece. This innocuous detail became tragic (hilarious) at the grocery store yesterday. Zeke, as Batman, rode under the cart. Halfway through our shopping trip, our cart became immobile. I thought maybe I had snagged a rock, so I yanked the basket back, turned it sharply, lifted it a little, then tried pushing it again, this time with force born of annoyance that my cart was pooping out on me when my kiddo’s were moments away from doing the same. 
I went to inspect the wheel myself, and found Zeke, with his face next to the wheel. 
Me: “Zeke, will you move your face so I can see what the problem is?”
Zeke: “I can’t. My face is stuck.”
His cape-mask had gotten trapped in the wheel and had wound the cape all up, while the mask was still attached to his head. After unwinding his cape and making sure he was ok, we started giggling. He was laughing out of nervous release. I was giggling thinking about “The Incredibles” and the logical dangers of capes.


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